Justcoons Ernest Hemmingway was announced in July 2020 and arrived in November 2020

Ernie arrived on 6th November 2020.

Based on the first announcement where Ernie looks around 3 weeks, we can approximate Ernie’s date of birth approximately 29th June 2020.

As we know, Ernie mated with Enid to produce the litter of both Matilda and Elvis. Matilda is highlighted for ease of proof.

Rudycats proclaimed Ernie’s heart to show no signs of HCM via his heart scan.

Rudycats was already touting their obsession with heart scans in 2020.

Why then did Rudycats not test in July 2021, when Ernie turned 12 months? Why did Rudycats wait until January 2022, at which point he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis?

Rudycats stated that aortic stenosis is not hereditary. Cornell Veterinary College disagrees.


Not for one moment does this author believe that a licensed cardiographer would suggest that the condition is not hereditary. This author firmly believes that Rudycats panicked at the prospect of losing the sale of an entire, active female.

Once more, it’s one rule for Rudycats and another for everyone else.


The following repeated screenshot only further proves the odd nature of the relationship between Rudycats and WildBlue

Rudycats has never owned a Hank, but WildBlue do.

Once again this author demonstrates that Rudycats and WildBlue are birds of a feather, flocking together.