Dated: 30.10.22

Warning: Reader discretion advised

There are elements of Evie’s story that are heart-breaking and difficult to watch. It includes videos of newborn and clearly unwell kittens.

Evie and her sister Enid were two similarly coloured black smoke girls.

Evie’s first pregnancy was announced in February 2022. Those eagle-eyed readers will note that an arrival to the UK in June of what is clearly a kitten and a pregnancy in February meant that is not possible for Evie to have been heart scanned prior to her first pregnancy as she was not yet 1 year old.

Evie sadly lost that first litter shortly after the scan, suffering a miscarriage at 7 weeks pregnant on 27th Feb.

Rudycats was upset, understandably, but seemed to be more concerned about the money and a holiday than the wellbeing of her cat.

After losing 8 kittens in February, Evie is mated again in April.

It is clear that Evie is heavily pregnant here. The following series of screenshots indicate the date Evie’s litter was born – 28th June.

This gives Evie a rough mating date of 18th April, just 7 weeks after losing her previous litter of 8 kittens.

Unfortunately, Evie’s litter was not well.

Warning: the following images and videos may be distressing for some. Reader discretion is advised.

Those words: “I’ll give him an hour” seem chilling when combined with “I’ve let one go” and “I will let the other one go”, making a clear distinction between those two kittens and one that had “passed already”.

Sadly Evie’s story does not end here.

Evie’s new owner got in touch to say that they took ownership of Evie on the 24th July.

Evie’s litter was born on 28th June and moved into her new home on 24th July.

So much for the ‘care and love’ that Rudycats claims to pour into their cats.