Mating & HCM scanning

Dated: 28.10.22

There has been mention on this site before about the bizarre obsession that Rudycats has with heart testing.

You may recall Bob, who this author has been informed was a replacement from Justcoons for Ernie, who himself will feature in his own article.

For now, we focus on Bob.

Bob was confirmed to have heart issues in a very long and, as we now know, ironic post by Rudycats which espoused with moralistic fervour the need for HCM scanning.

WildBlue also loudly trumpeted their horn in similar fashion.

A number of items jump out when reading these, particularly given recent evidence coming to light. WildBlue claims that they often felt like they were being punished for “doing the right thing”. Was that before or after they joked with Rudycats about who had the lowest kitten survival rate?

They state that they would rather suffer the losses of adults from their breeding programme before mating them with HCM. Yet they show no care or compassion at all for the kittens that have died in their care.

Rudycats are equally, disgustingly hypocritical.

Rudycats claims genetic tests mean little – this was a red flag for many, many breeders. As we now know, Rudycats cares so little for them that they will fraudulently edit the results.

Rudycats urges breeders to scan their breeding cats at 2, 3 and 5, and yet rarely keeps a cat for more than 12 months. Cats are packed up and shipped out before their next annual heart scan is due. One can guess with reasonable certainty that Rudycats does not pay nor expect retirement homes to continue with these scans.

We note the dates on these posts as being 4th July.

And yet on the 10th July, Rudycats states that Betty was mated with Bob.

Were Rudycats’ breeding animals living, as many do in as a small group inside a cosy home, one would imagine this mating to be an accident.

But Rudycats’ breeding animals were living in the separate blocks, therefore in order for Betty and Bob to mate, a human must have allowed them time together.

Did Rudycats allow them to mate before or after the heart scan?

Neither is acceptable.

In the course of her misplaced and sickening righteousness, Rudycats asks this:

I can say with complete certainty directly to Rudycats:

We would not buy or attempt to buy 52 breeding cats in 3.5 years.

We would not hand out kittens to unsuspecting new homes packed full of herpes, calici, FIP, mycoplasma, who either die rapidly or are forced to experience the agony of full mouth extractions.

We would not laud ourselves as paragons of virtue with HCM testing, claiming to never mate until after scanning and then subsequently do just that.

We would not compete and laugh with another breeder about who has the most dead kittens.