Penny & Bob

Dated: 29.10.22

The Bob saga continues. We remind ourselves of Bob’s arrival date and the announcement Rudycats made that Bob would be put to girls after his heart scan.

We note that Bob’s announcement on 20th June stated that his heart scan would be “in two weeks time”, which is the week beginning the 4th July.

We can corroborate that with his HCM scan results.

We have seen that Bob was in fact mated to Betty either prior to or immediately after his heart scan, contrary to Rudycats claims in their announcement post.

We also note that Penny will be spayed, and the date of this conversation was 10th July.

We have been sent another conversation that discusses Penny.

And now we see the reason for Penny’s spay, that she too was mated with Bob.

If Penny was already spayed by the 10th July (Sunday) and Rudycats said prior that Penny was being spayed on Monday, that would give her a spay date of 4th July. We know this cannot be correct as Bob’s scan was on Monday 4th July.

We can say with certainty, however, that in order for Penny to have been spayed by the 10th July following mating with Bob, Penny has to have been mated before Bob’s scan, completely contrary to Rudycats’ claims of ethical matings.

As such, Penny was likely mated the week of 27th June. We will come back to this.

Norma Rae, Rudycats’ only keeper kitten to date, was born on 19th March 2022 according to the recent show catalogue that Rudycats attended.

Between 19th March 2022 and 27th June 2022 is just 14-15 weeks.

Rudycats once again demonstrates how their own rules don’t apply to them – everyone else must only mate at a minimum of 8 months between litters but Rudycats can mate within weeks.

Bob arrived with Rudycats on 5th June.

Bob was then rehomed by the week of 25th July.

Bob lived with Rudycats for 5 weeks.

Worst still, this author has reason to believe that, similarly to Dotty’s Langford’s tests, Bob’s tests were also tampered with.

If we blow up Bob’s Langford results below

We can see that his name is given as his pet name, and the microchip, registration number and date of birth are missing. This is not normal procedure when submitting genetic tests as demonstrated with Dotty’s tests.

If we look more closely at the area in blue, it looks….peculiar.

Here is how the test should look.

And here is Bob’s test

How strange that the sentence has been cut off and there is obvious issues with the ‘r’.

Whilst this is circumstantial, when considered alongside the proven forgery of Dotty’s testing, it is not an unreasonable guess that Bob’s documents were also forged.

In summary, Bob was mated to Penny sometime in the week of the 27th June, before his heart testing appointment 4th July. This mating was 14-15 weeks after Penny’s previous litter with the keeper kitten Norma Rae.

Bob’s Langford tests are questionable at best.

Bob lived with Rudycats for 5 short weeks before he was packed off to a retirement home and Rudycats moved on to the next victim.