Re-mating with 5 week old kittens

Dated: 27.10.22

Rudycats has long espoused the need to mate girls at a minimum of 8 months from their previous mating.

Zara had a litter on the 24th July 2021

On 28th August 2021, Rudycats states that Zara is in heat and her kittens are 5 weeks old.

Rudycats claims that Zara’s breeder suggests mating Zara on her next call.

We can see from this timeline when Zara was due and subsequently had her next litter.

We can see on 14th September 2021 Zara is referred to as a particular name, consistent with the previous messages.

We can then see that Rudycats was asked when Zara was due on the 18th October 2021.

Rudycats then confirms that Zara’s litter were born by 7th November.

If we examine the difference between the 28th August 2021 and the 7th November 2021, we get this result.

Feline birth is 65 days, that is 9.5 weeks.

Rudycats mated Zara on or shortly after 28th August 2021, when Zara’s kittens were 5 weeks old.

Sickening. This author has no other word for it.