Charlie (Madelven Maglor Finwe)

Date: 26.02.23

The breeder of Charlie (Madelven Maine Coons) has reached out to this author for a dedicated appeal.

If you are aware of anyone who recently adopted an adult male Maine Coon from either Cheshire or Kettering in January or February 2023, please get in touch with Madelven Maine Coons with your information.

They, along with a kitten owner, have been able to get Dave away from Rudycats. Dave is now safe but has undergone two operations and a full shave to remove severe matting. There is serious concern about Charlie’s welfare; if Dave was used for heavy marketing and was sold in such a poor state, what state might Charlie be in?

Above are pictures of Charlie, and you can see these pictures in better detail on Madelven’s Facebook page here.

Alternatively you can contact this site anonymously through email and I will ensure the information is passed on.