Freezer appeal (updated 06.11.22)

Dated: 04.10.22

Updated: 06.11.22

Dearest Reader

I am in possession, as I think many are in Maine Coon circles, of screenshots that detail a conversation regarding Rudycats, another breeder, and a freezer. The allegations contained in these messages are serious, but as I do not know from whom they originated I will not publish them yet. There is a sense of fairness required in these matters, and such alleged cruelty cannot be left unchecked if it is indeed true.

I urge the individuals involved to get in touch to refute or confirm the allegations, with evidence. Your anonymity is assured, I will not publicise names of sources under any circumstances. This website is untraceable, as is the encrypted email. Your information is safe with me.

Yours, always

Detective Mouse

Since writing the above, new evidence has been submitted to the site.

I draw your attention first to the date of publication for this freezer appeal and the date of the subsequent post: 4th October and 22nd October respectively.

Rudycats claims that the private messages used as evidence on the site were faked, and has accused Artizan of creating this site.

However, the posts on October 4th and prior were all content that was publicly accessible. No private messages were shared until the posts from 24th October onwards.

And yet, in a message sent to Artizan on 12th October, Rudycats asks if Artizan started this site.

One has to wonder why Rudycats would accuse their friend of creating the site weeks before any messenger evidence was submitted.

One also has to wonder why Rudycats would accuse their friend full stop if everything was Photoshopped as claimed.

Given the dates contained within this message, this author suggests that when Rudycats saw this freezer appeal, they panicked. Everything on this site prior to the 4th October and this freezer appeal was publicly accessible information that could have been sourced from anywhere.

When this freezer appeal went live, Rudycats knew that this author had access to information that Rudycats believed was a secret. This author believes that Rudycats is not aware of the screenshots that have been circulating the breeding community since August.

In short, by sending this message shortly after the freezer appeal and before the messenger/WhatsApp evidence was submitted, Rudycats panicked that the individuals they believed had been their inner circle had spilled the truth about the freezer and the truth was going to get out.

This author suggests that this panic from Rudycats confirms the freezer story in its entirety.