Forged litter documentation

Dated: 30.10.22

Long time followers of Rudycats will remember a blue smoke male kitten who was referred to as “Mr Handsome”.

Throughout this post, please ensure you make a note of the dates of each post.

Rudycats Game Changer was 7 weeks old on 1st July 2020. Therefore we can surmise his birthday was around 13th May 2020.

Rue, or Mr Handsome as he was later known, was set to go to a breeder.

Rue subsequently went to the breeder.

Rudycats tells us that Steve and Mona produced Rue, and this author can confirm this through the List of Litters from this website.

This also fits with our estimation of Rue’s date of birth being around 13th May 2020 from above.

Rue unfortunately did not stay with this breeder and he was returned to Rudycats.

He was then moved to another breeder and this breeder was provided with a different kitten registration slip.

How peculiar, the parentage is the same, his name is Rue, and yet his date of birth appears to be 1st September 2020 instead (TICA documentation is written as M/D/YYYY).

What does the vaccination card state for this kitten?

We can corroborate that these images are taken by the same person as the table in the background is the same.

How is it possible for a kitten born in September to receive vaccinations in July and August? It is not, of course. These vaccinations line up with Rue’s original date of birth of the 13th May 2020.

How do we confirm that this is all the same cat?

Rudycats does so for us.

In addition to Rue, Rudycats asks to use a friend’s stud boy and pass these kittens off as belonging to one of her own boys instead.

This breeder does the only sensible thing she can think of in the moment and approaches the breeder to clarify Rudycats can not use Klaus.

Armed with evidence Rudycats cannot argue with, the breeder turns her down.

Given the history of Rudycats, it is little wonder this breeder felt uncomfortable about the situation and was unsure of how to proceed.

It’s not often a “friend” asks to use your stud and follows it up with a suggestion to forging the litter registration.

One wonders how many more lies remain uncovered.