Impersonating a vet and fake profiles

Dated: 22.10.22

It has long been said that Rudycats has fake profiles with which she uses to spy on breeders whom she dislikes. Thanks to a handful of committed members of the Maine Coon community, I have evidence of a journey in which Rudycats makes a fake enquiry with a breeder, markets themselves under fake names and impersonates a vet.

The profile begins as the innocuous Shirley Bullock, who appears to innocently share Rudycats’ Maine Coon Buyers Guide.

Rather than cut out the additional comments, I have left them in as we will be seeing them again later on.

This same Shirley Bullock gets in touch with a breeder to join their waiting list.

Separately, a now retired breeder whose page has been deleted sadly experienced toxoplasmosis in two of their cats. The below is a screenshot of their pinned post, which they unpinned following the full recovery of their cats. In this post, the breeder detailed how the cats developed toxoplasmosis, specifically from eating raw food.

In the comments, one Rachel Winterbottom added their thoughts on the situation, offering advice.

This surely epitomises the nature of this individual, they clearly know the raw food industry and how impossible it is for cats to be infected with toxoplasmosis.

Rachel Winterbottom goes on to say that she is a vet.

Let’s explore this. We saw Shirley Bullock recommending Rudycats’ Maine Coon Buyers guide above, and yet the name has miraculously changed to Rachel Winterbottom.

How curious, surely this must be Facebook gremlins at work?

It appears that Shirley and Rachel Winterbottom are in fact the same person! How does this relate to Rudycats, I hear you ask? Allow me to demonstrate.

It could be argued that this is someone impersonating Rudycats, and indeed that may be the case. The RudyCult would certainly wish for it to be so.

However, Rudycats herself admits to having fake profiles and using them with impunity.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.