Waiting list deposit

Date: 27.10.22

Perhaps this page should instead be called “Finder’s fee”.

We are all painfully aware of Rudycats’ insistence on a deposit to join their waiting list.

Rudycats also assists recommended breeders in securing homes for their kittens by sharing their posts on the Rudycats page. Rudycats gives priority to those on the paid waiting list when applying for kittens from these other breeders. It has often been wondered why that is.

Well, now we know.

Rudycats keeps the £195 deposit even from those kitten owners who do not get a kitten from her but instead go to one of her recommended breeders. Contracts are falsified to reflect this and owners are lied to with ease.

This is not the only time in which Rudycats has engaged in this behaviour.

And again…

And again….

And again….

Should you know of anyone who has paid the £195 waiting fee to Rudycats and then purchased a kitten from one of their recommended breeders, please show them this page. Rudycats has kept their money without their permission.

This is theft by omission.