Dated: 25.10.22

Noël was sold by Rudycats as a breeding girl.

She was born 10th December 2020 and was duly announced by Rudycats.

Unfortunately Noël’s career as a breeding girl did not last long, as demonstrated on the owner’s website.

The text reads:

“Noël” arrived with us in early 2021, approximately a month before —- joined our cattery. she arrived to us with mild URI sympoms which necessitated an extended quarantine period but then appeared to recover well. It was our hope that the two new girls would bond as they were very close in age; something which, to our delight, actually happened very quickly once Noël was well again.

Although she was generally a happy-go-lucky cat, Noël would intermittently sound strangely chesty and displayed head shyness. When she was approximately 9 mths, we took her for a health check with our vet, during which she was very sadly diagnosed with a grade 3 heart murmur and severe gingivitis. She was spayed soon after and we found her a special home with the family member of a couple who have two of our own kittens.

Noël’s vet report demonstrates what her health issues actually were.

The text reads that the breeder of the cat, i.e. Rudycats, advised the owner that Noël’s mother was known to produce heart murmurs. Why then, particularly in light of Rudycat’s abnormal obsession with heart health, has Rudycats sold a girl into a breeding programme from a mother known to produce kittens with heart murmurs?

Edna’s next litter was born approximately 25/06/2021, just 6 months after Noël’s litter. Such close mating is rarely recommended, particularly following bigger litters – Noël’s litter was 6 kittens – and only further compounds the blatant hypocrisy that Rudycats so readily and easily employs.

With 28 weeks, approximately, between Edna’s two litters, Edna would have been mated when her first litter were just 18 weeks old.

This litter was born just 7 weeks prior to Noël’s appointment with her vet, so how is it possible that Rudycats knows this mother, Edna, is known to produce heart murmurs? By rights this second litter was too young for their first vet visit, so unless a kitten was taken to the vet at a young age, one can surmise that the heart murmurs came from Noël’s littermates.

Given that to be the case, multiple kittens in one litter with heart murmurs is highly unusual. Most breeders would not consider mating this mother again and yet Rudycats does just that, within a mere 18 weeks.

Despite Noël’s health concerns and uncertain future, and in a similar fashion to Matilda, Rudycats has used Noël’s image not once but four separate times on her previous kittens page.

Noël’s story on goes to further prove Rudycats’ constant and flagrant hypocrisy, as well as their bizarre and disturbing practice of “showing off” dead or unwell kittens.