Dated: 22.10.22

You may recall Pebbles being touted as a “keeper kitten” for Rudycats.

Instead Pebbles was sold to a Maine Coon breeder, who announced her arrival but have since deleted the picture. Within days, Pebbles was returned to Rudycats with some unknown issue for which they hoped she would get better.

Pebbles was then sold on to another breeder, with a complete fabrication as to why the previous breeder was no longer having her.

Pebbles went on to have her first litter with the second breeder, and was very shortly afterwards neutered and offered for rehoming.

The reason for the sudden neutering becomes apparent in a conversation with the second breeder owner of Pebbles:

Poor Pebbles, a little over a year old and a full mouth extraction, heart murmurs in kittens, dangerous advice from Rudycats regarding a retained placenta, and encouragement from Rudycats to sell this kitten at a significant price with a Grade 2 murmur.

These awful teeth and gums are a result of Rudycat’s terrible breeding practices, and for such a young cat to go through a full mouth extraction is untenable. I applaud Pebbles’ owner for doing the correct thing by both Pebbles and her kittens.

It’s unfortunate Rudycats has not behaved similarly.