Sick kittens

My dearest reader

There has been much speculation that, with the sheer scale of the Rudycats industry and the constant coming and going of imported adults, kittens are becoming unwell and are leaving Rudycats to live in new homes full of illness. Now we have the evidence to prove it. The screenshots and information provided below was collated and kindly sent in by anonymous observers.

Some of the images below, particularly the final kitten, may be distressing. Reader discretion is advised.

Rudycats claims in their paperwork that kittens will “get a cold [and this] is most likely to happen in the first couple of weeks”.

Rudycats makes no mention of eye issues beyond “green/yellow discharge”. This author wonders how Rudycats responds to kittens they have bred who have visible eye issues?

Kittens such as Bella:

Scarlet Witch:




Un-named kitten:

A second un-named kitten

The following kitten is the worst case of all. Viewer discretion is advised.

This author is very clear that Rudycats kittens have been suffering from severe illness for some time. This was not one or two litters that were more susceptible due to a genetically delicate immune system, this is endemic in the Rudycats population. These kittens are unwell, they are grossly neglected.

I hope that you will agree with me, dearest Reader, that this is not breeding for health, as Rudycats claims. I’m sure you will agree that there is little point in scanning for HCM when the kittens are riddled with URIs.

I have no doubt that further information will be sent to me, and rest assured dearest Contributor, your anonymity is assured.

Yours always,

Detective Mouse