Planning permission scandal

Update (09.08.2022)

Rudycat’s retrospective planning permission has been denied by Cheshire East Council due to an inappropriate breeding business in a quiet residential area.

The house is not owned by Rudycats but rather by Ms Natar of WildBlue Maine Coons.

Rudycats seems to be quite happy lying to the press about the type and size of runs being built (let’s remind ourselves of what they claim in the press and what they actually built):

And yet Rudycats is decidedly quiet on their social media about this. This Detective has been told publicly and quite categorically by Rudycats themselves that they are open and transparent, this does not seem particularly transparent to this mouse. I wonder if the press should like to be informed that the information supplied by Rudycats is a barefaced lie. The scandal would be quite something!

Initial body of page (24.04.22)

I’m sure many of you in the Maine Coon world have kept abreast of recent claims made by Rudycats in the last 72 hours. An established and well respected breeder has received death threats off the back of those claims, and so this detective is stepping into clarify the “fake news” spread by Rudycats.

This weekend’s drama was stirred up by, as this author understands it, a post on a large Maine Coon group on Facebook which linked to a news article detailing a local dispute between Rudycats and their neighbours. You can find the link to the article here:

Rudycats has erected commercial-sized outdoor cat living quarters (cattery) without planning permission, that goes against local council regulations. This dispute is unrelated to the Maine Coon world.

This author has received information that the cattery is already in the process of being built and is not, as claimed in the news article, small single units. This author has received this picture which claims to be the view from the neighbour’s window, the image is in-line with the plans submitted to Cheshire East Council.

The claimed neighbours window
Proposed cattery plans submitted to Cheshire East Council
Proposed cattery plans submitted to Cheshire East Council

This neighbourly dispute was not started by nor is it related to the Maine Coon community, other than it being shared to a Maine Coon group. This dispute is entirely between Rudycats and their neighbours.

We are, I hope by now, in agreement that this issue started with an innocuous neighbour dispute. We have all seen breeders comment on the behaviour and activity of Rudycats and we have all seen Rudycats spit their dummy out at their audacity. This weekend, however, has taken a much more sinister turn.

Whilst Rudycats claims to be a victim of bullying and claims to be suicidal, her cult of followers have been sending death threats to a respected and established breeder of 11 years, simply because she called attention to Rudycats backyard breeder activity. The post in question was written in the breeder’s private group for kitten families, which should have been their safe space. This was violated by an underhand, sly individuals who passed the post onto Rudycats, pictured below:

In the midst of their suicidal distress, Rudycats took the time to make the following claims:

The post was edited 4 times, two of which are laid out individually below (the two other edits were the removal and addition of a media file:

The original post, with elements marked for discussion
The edited post, with elements marked for discussion

“MANY breeders have 10-12 girls and 2-3 boys, just the same as me [added: (not 30 queens as she’s claimed)]

There are very few breeders in the UK who own 10-12 girls and 2-3 boys. There are a handful of breeders who have a high number of girls (8+) of varying ages – youngsters, working girls and retiring girls. There are no breeders to this detective’s knowledge that have 10-12 girls all aged within 3 years of each other.

“MANY breeders have more kittens each year than me, as they choose to breed their queens more frequently.”

Further claims that breeders in the UK frequently overbreed

It’s very easy to prove these lies. There are three registries accepted in the UK, GCCF, TICA and Felis Britannica (under FIFe). Below are the links to and screenshots of the GCCF and FIFe registration policies.


FIFe (Felis Britannica) – p.6, section 3.3

Unfortunately this mousey detective could not find any such rules from TICA. As Rudycats registers their offspring with TICA, there is nothing preventing Rudycats from engaging in the exact overbreeding they claim other breeders do. Were there indeed breeders engaging in this overbreeding on a large or regular scale that Rudycats was aware of, this mouse has very little doubt that they would name and shame. They have had very little care about flinging false accusations around before, and yet decline to do so on this occasion.

Instead, they contradict themselves, first claiming that TICA allows 17 weeks whilst other registrations allow less, and then stating GCCF allow 26 weeks between. FIFe, at 3 litters in 2 years, only allow mating every 8 months. Therefore, Rudycats has posted a blatant lie. This, we remind ourselves, in the midst of suicidal distress….

“I choose to make them public as I’d rather be honest and upfront.”

This detective asks if Rudycats is so upfront and honest, why then are they no longer sharing their litter arrivals as they were prior to this site becoming active? Why have they not made their followers aware of their very questionable activity? Of the latter there is much, dear reader. This mouse is working very hard to collect reams of evidence.

“All I’ve EVER done is tried to be kind and try to help.

If that is so, why then have so many breeders been on the end of Rudycats’ backlash? Why then has Rudycats encouraged their cult to attack breeders whom they falsely accuse, why do they encourage their cult to send death threats to other breeders?

“Most of these breeders have been breeding cats from lines who have 20-30 queens or more, some breed them 3-4 times a year. And yet I’m hated.”

This mouse has been quietly sitting at the side-lines of the Maine Coon community for some time. I have never come across a breeder, either in the UK or worldwide who has 20-30 girls nor who mates their girls 3-4 times a year. To do so, a queen would have to mate 2-3 weeks post-birth. Queens on average take approximately 6 weeks to come back into season again following kittening, and most breeders will ensure that she is kept safely separated from any working male.

Again Rudycats misdirects – the problem the breeding community has with them is not necessarily the number of cats they own, but rather the rate through which they burn through breeding cats, using them for financial gain and discarding them when something ‘better’ comes along. In any capacity, going through 39 cats in just under 3 years is mind-bending to anyone with knowledge of good animal husbandry and breeding. To say nothing of their rehoming queens when their kittens are just 5 weeks old.

We have down times and we should be there for each other. There’s no need to tear someone down like this. We should be supporting each other.

What Rudycats conveniently ‘forgets’ is that they were significantly supported at the beginning of their journey, with offers of mentorship, support, guidance and friendship. Rudycats decided to block every single breeder plus their associates who dared to express concern at the speed at which they were purchasing and attempting to breed cats. Rudycats is so disliked by the breeding community because of the danger they pose to our beautiful breed, churning out kittens like a conveyor belt, removed mothers from kittens at 5 weeks, and more (soon to be revealed).

Trolls and death threats

Is this being there for each other and supporting each other?

These are the types of breeder Rudycats associates with, breeders who actively post lies in comment section of controversial posts to further stir up unwarranted anger?

What was a neighbour dispute has spilled out into the Maine Coon community as Rudycats revels in creating drama in which they are perpetually the victim. Claims of feeling suicidal seem disingenuous when they retrospectively edit their dramatic posts four times to add additional drama. Indeed this very website, which arguably did more damage to their business than a neighbourly dispute, induced apoplectic rage and resulted in three breeders being falsely accused.

Rest assured dear readers, Rudycats has no idea who I am. I am not so simple that I would make myself obvious, and certainly now I will protect my identity even more since yesterday’s follow up from Rudycats. And as a minor, rather amusing point, this mouse has neither posted cat faeces through the letterbox or sent correspondence to Mr Rudycats. This mouse cannot reach the postbox opening for a start.

More is yet to come. This has barely scraped the surface of what Rudycats has been up to under the guise of a “knowledgeable, helpful, breeder”. In the meantime, if you are one of those vile individuals who thought it appropriate to send death threats the detective suggests you take a long, hard look at yourself. Your actions, and indeed that of Rudycats, speaks more volumes than the breeders you target.