List of litters

Here, Dear Reader, you will find the list of litters produced by Rudycats so far. Before we dive in, your Detective requests that you make a note of kitten viability; that is, not all kittens survive the first few weeks from birth. This list provides the number of kittens born in each litter based on the information Rudycats so kindly provides in their social media.

Author’s note: since this site became active in January 2022, Rudycats has no longer listed entire litters on their public social media. For a breeder who claims to be transparent and open, one has to question why they no longer share such information. If they are doing nothing wrong and their breeding is ethical, why are they now hiding this information?

Your diligent Detective is unable to confirm the surviving number of kittens, as Rudycats seems to dislike transparency in their posts and very often entire litters can’t be seen. One could speculate that Rudycats has something to hide as kittens grow up….

MatingDOBNo of kittens
Heart Stealer Zenith of the Sky x Zara18/11/20195
Steve x Wilma13/05/2020Unknown (total 10 with below)
Steve x Mona13/05/2020Unknown (total 10 with above)
Steve x Dora26/06/20207
Steve x Dotty15/07/20204
Steve x Rosie31/07/20203
Steve x Nala06/08/20207
Otis x Zara27/10/20202
Otis x Edna14/12/20206
Otis x Dora15/12/20205

Total kittens = 49 Total litters = 10

In Rudycats’ first 13 months of breeding, they have produced 10 litters totalling 49 kittens born. Consider that most breeders have between 4-6 girls of varying ages and will have, on average 3-5 litters a year. Rudycats has doubled the average number considered by most breeders to be acceptable, to ensure top quality socialisation and the best health possible. It is agreed, by and large, that any more litters than this in a year results in poorer quality socialisation and poses a huge risk to kitten health.

We move on to 2021. Please note, the ~ symbol indicates approximation.

MatingDOBNo of kittens
Steve x Ethel21/01/20219
Steve x Penny~11/02/2021~5
Steve x Roxy18/04/20211
Bertie x Dotty~20/06/20215
Ernie x Honey~20/06/20217
Bertie x Edna25/06/20217
Bertie x Nala26/06/20217
Bertie x Zara24/07/20215
Ernie x Stitch13/08/20217
Bertie x Maud (Flump)~12/08/20212
Ernie x Enid~18/10/20217
Frank x Ida26/11/20215
Frank x Penny26/11/20212

Total kittens = 69 Total litters = 13

Since Rudycats began their breeding journey in May 2019. having their first litter in November 2019 they have to date (Jan 2022) had 118 kittens in a 2 year period.

Once more, Dear Reader, your mousey friend asks you to examine the sheer volume of kittens being produced and question whether you believe this is ethical breeding. Is it right that so many litters are being planned, so many kittens are being produced? Is this normal breeding or is this more akin to a kitten mill?