Show lies

Dearest Reader

Many of you know the strong feelings Rudycats holds about the art of cat showing, but for those who don’t please allow me to remind you with a screenshot from a long-ago comment and a now deleted page from Rudycats’ website, both sent into this site:

Imagine my astonishment, Dearest Reader, to find out the Rudycats recently sponsored a ring at a recent TICA show in the UK and chartered their own club with new registry LCWW!

This mouse questions why, when Rudycats is so against showing and makes wild claims that exhibitors slip the judges money to ensure their cat wins, that they now sponsors shows and have claimed their own Club name? Rudycats claims to have attended ‘many’ shows. As someone who follows show results closely, I can personally vouch for never having seen a cat or kitten belonging to Rudycats at a show.

In fact, Rudycats has only ever attended one show, in 2019:

Admirable results, but as neither of these cats gained a final on the day one can speculate Rudycats is a sore loser.

Rudycats also entered a Viking Cat Club show in March 2020, prior to COVID-19 closing shows down. There have been no show entries since, instead Rudycats has made the above claims that judges and exhibitors engage in cheating, and that shows do not care about the health of the cats.

The irony is not beyond me, Dearest Reader, when the Mouse is collecting evidence of kittens leaving Rudycats with poor health and infections. Fret not, Dearest Reader. It will, as they say, all come out in the wash.

Your always,

Detective Mouse