Registration documents

Dated: 21.11.22

There are many owners stating recently in groups that they have not yet received registration documentation for their kittens from Rudycats.

There are also many owners who believe that the pedigree they receive from Rudycats is that registration.

The pedigree looks like this.

This is not a registration document. The registration number that Rudycats lists here is their cattery registration number, not the registration number of the kitten.

Without proof of official registration, owners do not know where their kitten or cat has come from. Registration documents should look like the following:


If the latter, it should be a physical copy signed by the breeder. Whilst the breeder can sign the kitten/cat over via the TICA registration system (TFMS), owners of Rudycats and Wildblue cats and kittens should not bank on this being done.

According to TICA rules, registration must be provided at the time of sale.

TICA take lack of issue of registration extremely seriously. Owners can and should lodge a complaint with TICA and the organisation will act accordingly. One will note the highlighted – if three or more complaints are received within 12 months, TICA reserve the right to remove cattery awards.

If you have not received your registration papers and would like to do so, a member of the Maine Coon community has offered to support those looking to make official complaints to TICA. They have set up a dedicated group here.