Rudy Statement Part 1

Dated: 02.11.22

Rudycats has chosen to make a statement regarding this website and it contains a number of discrepancies that this author can address, complete with proof.

To begin, Rudycats states the following:

There has not, at any juncture, been mention of Rudycats’ family on this site. This is site has been solely focused on breeding practices only.

Rudycats also claims that there are a number of individuals involved with writing this site. In a message, she has claimed that Artizan has written this site.

Rudycats is asked how they know there are four breeders behind the website and claims that it is because the site has evidenced with private conversations. This will be addressed in subsequent parts.

Furthermore, in the past Rudycats has blamed another breeder entirely.

Anyone who knows Artizan and Leanne Gallagher, the breeder behind Orrono, know that they have nothing to do with each other.

Rudycats seems to want to blame whichever breeder is more convenient at the time.

Rudycats further claimed to be “rock bottom” back in April of this year.

One may note the date coincides with the planning permission scandal which occurred over the weekend of 22nd-24th April, in which Rudycats attempted to blame the Maine Coon breeding community for her neighbours lodging a planning complaint for the industrial cattery in the back garden.

An update to what the cattery looked like in March has been provided to this author.

This site has already discussed the statement made on Rudycats’ breeding page which was retrospectively edited three times. A peculiar thing to do in the midst of suicidal distress.

Note that Rudycats does not provide any evidence in this screenshot, but rather scrambles to be given more “breathing space”. There will be more on this is in the subsequent parts of this saga.