Rudy Statement Part 10

Dated: 06.11.22

Rudycats ends.

Rudycats once more alludes to their poor mental health and states that they require supervision 24 hours a day. This author very much hopes, as before, that those around Rudycats are seeking the appropriate medical attention due to the risk Rudycats poses to themselves.

This author does find it quite remarkable that whilst in the grips of such a mental health crisis that Rudycats manages to be somewhat eloquent in their status. Who knows, perhaps they had help.

An alternate understanding of this reference to 24-hour surveillance could also refer to her activity being watched by the Maine Coon community in an attempt to catch her out. If Rudycats has done nothing wrong, why would they be paranoid about being watched? Surely if anything came out from this “watching”, they would easily be able to refute it with their own evidence?

This author suggests that Rudycats is actually very worried about other incidents that might be sent into this site, evidence that is extremely damning.

Once more this author finds it ironic that Rudycats tells those who they believe to be behind the site to consider how it might feel to be on the end of such words and action. I wonder if that same thought occurred to Rudycats when she called someone (and I apologise for the language) “a lying bitchy fat old c*nt”?

Rudycats then claims to be “crushed”, so much so that “[they] can’t tell you how crushed [they are]”.

So utterly crushed were they that they went straight onto Instagram to sell their domain name.

For the very tidy sum of:

Rudycats then goes on to advertise that they have two breeding girls available.

Enquiries were made and the evidence was submitted to this site.

Within the space of 24 hours, Rudycats was seeking to raise at least £4,250. Agreement to take a delayed payment notwithstanding, the urge to make a significant amount of money hardly shows signs of being “crushed”.

This author suggests that Rudycats is not crushed that they’ve been “bullied”, “attacked” or any other emotive word they can add to their victim bingo card. Rather they are crushed because their main source of income is gone, the pedestal that they put themselves on has toppled, and now much of the world has seen Rudycats for exactly what they are.

A well marketed, illness-ridden kitten mill.