Rudy Statement Part 3

Dated: 02.11.22

Rudycats continues.

Once more Rudycats claims this site is targeting her family. This site has never mentioned her family, nor is there any intention to. This is a deliberate move by Rudycats to use emotive language to elicit an emotional response in the reader and avoid the cold, hard evidence so far presented.

Rudycats claims that the evidence provided to this site is the result of “endless” fake profiles. There is an irony in that, given the overwhelming proof that Rudycats engages in fake profile use. We will come back to this.

Rudycats further wants to address Matilda.

Rudycats claims that they were planning to keep Matilda for a long time before selling her to her owner. Is that why they were trying to sell her to another breeder prior to her owner?

They further claim that Matilda left in perfect health. Why is it then that Matilda arrived on with her owner on 6th February and she was dead by 27th April?

Dry FIP, which Matilda suffered from, is known to be a much longer iteration of the disease. This is confirmed by veterinary professionals.


Matilda showed signs of occular damage as early as the 28th February.

Matilda showed clinical signs of FIP within 3 weeks of arriving with her owners, and we know cats with dry FIP can live for several months.

The vet report on Matilda’s page and the subsequently submitted vet cover letter indicates that Matilda had been unwell for much longer than her time with her owner.

This evidence clearly demonstrates that Matilda was unwell whilst she was with Rudycats.

Rudycats also claims they offered to covered the cost of FIP treatment.

The owners of Matilda, have publicly shared screenshots of their conversation with Rudycats regarding Matilda.

There is quite a lot of information in there, so the following is break down of points made.

One wonders what is a “normal” and what is a “special”? Surely all kittens are equal? Apparently not in the eyes of Rudycats.

Rudycats then suggests that the coronavirus that mutated into FIP in Matilda was not from her cattery but rather from another – Heart Stealer to be precise. Rudycats implies that this other breeder’s corona levels are high and that, therefore, must be the reason Matilda became unwell.

When Matilda’s owner asks if the brother of her new stud has died, Rudycats mentions the treatment for FIP. Its full name is GS-441524.

Rudycats claims to have suggested and offered to pay for this treatment, but somehow is only able to mention it after Matilda passed away. They then heartlessly discuss that it doesn’t work on dry FIP, it’s “much better” on wet. This lack of compassion in private is in stark contrast to Rudycats’ claims in public.