Rudy Statement Part 4

Dated: 02.11.22

Rudycats continues.

Whilst it is true that all breeders will experience kittens with FIP, not every breeder would offer a replacement from the same mother. As we know, there is some genetic component to FIP.

Nor would every breeder agree to a refund and then cry poverty whilst flaunting their four newly purchasing breeding adults and a puppy.

Rudycats claims that she purchased three cats from a breeder and these cats subsequently brought viruses into her cattery. This author has reached out to that breeder and I await their evidence, but in the meantime there is evidence to demonstrate Rudycats’ has no problem breeding with shedding cats.

Miss White is particularly pertinent, as we can see through screenshots that Miss White was in fact WildBlue Ms Pac Man aka Ida.

It is clear that Rudycats once again wants to offset the blame onto another breeder rather than accepting responsibility for their own choices.