Rudy Statement Part 6

Dated: 03.11.22

Rudycats has today, 3rd November 2022, chosen to remove their Facebook page which includes the statement made in regards to this website.

I should also make you aware, dear Reader, that Rudycats has as yet refused to share any evidence publicly of their claims despite my invitation to do so and, I believe, the encouragement of a number of deluded but well intentioned supporters.

As Rudycats has not been forthcoming, this author can only conclude that there is no evidence to back up their claims and so I will continue to provide evidence that refutes their claims.

And so, Rudycats continues.

There are a number of discrepancies on this part of Rudycats statement.

Rudycats claims that many breeders in the UK would breed with HCM. This author is familiar with a huge number of Maine Coon breeders in the UK and can confirm that there have been an incredibly small minority of breeders who breed with HCM cats and most of these breeders have long retired. Breeding with HCM negative (normal or n/n) is the bare minimum standard for a Maine Coon breeder, it is not an achievement or accolade.

Rudycats then claims that she heart scans every cat at a significant cost. Is that before or after she mates them?

As we know from the Penny & Bob and HCM pages, Bob was mated with both Betty and Penny before he had be heart scanned, upon which Penny was hurriedly spayed.

Rudycats then claims that she is open with her numbers. This author questions the validity of this, as when this site was published and Rudycats was forced to admit the numbers contained in the site in January were largely correct, Rudycats no longer shared the number of kittens or litters they had publicly.

Additionally, Rudycats claims that there are breeders with more cats than they. Perhaps there are breeders with more cats at any one time, but these are industrial kitten mills. This author knows of no other breeder in the UK that has had 51 cats in the 3.5 years since the first cat arrived in May 2019.

Furthermore, we have seen from the WildBlue page, it is not just Rudycats’ animals living at the Shavington address but all of WildBlue’s cats as well. This is potentially over 20 breeding animals and the image of the intended cat runs sent confirms this industrial kitten mill behaviour.

Rudycats cites their transparency and has long claimed bullying because they are fully “transparent”.

Why is it then that they not only refused to pay a courier the appropriate fee, but the cat they took collection of has never been seen?

This is transparent?

What about asking other breeders to keep it secret that she kept the £195 waiting list fee when arranging a sale between another breeder and a buyer from Rudycats’ waiting list?

Is it transparent to forge Dotty’s Langford results?

And is it transparent to ask the owner of Matilda, who had just passed away, to keep the death a secret and ask the owner to lie on her behalf?

As it has been a while, let’s use this moment to relook at Rudycats statement.

Rudycats refers to countless amounts of RSPCA inspections. This in itself is worrying, the RSPCA is a welfare organisation and a high number of visits surely demonstrates the number of concerns that people have had over the last three years regarding Rudycats’ practices.

Rudycats then claims that the purported breeders behind the site are “not licensed”. What they fail to mention is that breeder licences are not required under every council. For this reason, some breeders are licensed and some are not. It has no bearing on their legitimacy, as has been backhandedly implied.

Similarly, Rudycats conveniently leaves out that they and Wildblue are both licensed, not under “selling animals as pets” as most breeders would be, but under “pet shops” due to the sheer amount of cats they house together at the shared Shavington residence.

Within the licencing regulations, there is specific legislation that protects hobby breeders.

Most breeders are hobby breeders. Rudycats, by their own admission, is a business breeder. Therein lies the difference.

Rudycats once more changes the number of breeders they claim is behind this site from four breeders and back to five breeders again. Which is it?

Finally, Rudycats claims that the breeders they believe are behind the site have asked Rudycats to sell kittens on these breeders’ behalf.

On the contrary, Rudycats has offered.

Well, why would they not when it makes them £195 for every kitten sold and they never have to lift more than a finger.