Rudy Statement Part 7

Dated: 03.11.22

Rudycats continues.

Rudycats claims that they do not mate their cats without homes lined up.

The Wayback Machine takes a snapshot of website at random points throughout their history which allow us to compare changes made to websites.

The Wayback Machine begins taking snapshots of Rudycats’ website in August 2020, and is followed by two screenshots in October 2020.

We can see that Rudycats initially ran a waiting list, but this was removed at the end of October 2020.

Unfortunately the Wayback Machine does not give access to the rest of the site on this occasion. It does, however, in November 2020 where Rudycats then announced that they no longer keep a waiting list.

As an aside, you may want to note the cost their kittens and age of reservation.

In March 2021, Rudycats elaborates on how they intend to home their kittens: through the controlled release of an application form for kittens already born.

April and May 2021 confirm once more that there is no waiting list.

In September 2021 Rudycats confirms that they do not run a list and instead take enquiries via email.

Suddenly in January this year, the waiting list we all know and have strongly mixed feelings about was captured by the Wayback Machine.

This marked the beginning of Rudycats’ proclaiming that their list was full for months and years in advance in order to increase the hype and exclusivity of both their list and their kittens.

Now, this author does not suggest for a single moment that a breeder cannot change their mind on how they run their kitten enquiries. A breeder must have the opportunity to experiment with what works for their breeding programme and what does not.

What this author does suggest, however, is that Rudycats’ claim of not wanting to breed without homes lined up is disingenuous. It implies that Rudycats has always had that policy in place and we can see that that is provably false.

For a large portion of their breeding career, from October 2020 to circa January 2022, Rudycats has mated cats without having any homes lined up and waiting.

Rudycats claims they tried their hardest to make breeding a kinder place.

Is this how Rudycats makes breeding a kinder place?

Rudycats claims that this site has resulted in targeted attacks on the groomers that “proudly use [their] name”.

Why is it then that the groomers have changed their name, seemingly looking to end association with Rudycats?

And finally, Rudycats once again makes reference to her family in an attempt to elicit an emotional response in her readers.

I reiterate that no one involved with this site has involved Rudycats’ family. No one involved in this site has encouraged this activity, nor was it anyone’s wish or goal to prompt this activity.

If Rudycats has indeed attempted to harm herself, then I urge those close to them to contact the police and social services as they are a danger to themselves and may be best being placed in protective custody for their own wellbeing.

Perhaps such a period of self-reflection and clearly much needed mental health support will encourage Rudycats to see clearly the suffering they imposed on newborn kittens.