Rudy Statement Part 8

Dated: 05.11.22

Rudycats continues.

Rudycats claims that one of the 4 individuals (wasn’t it 5 a few paragraphs ago?) has lost a close friend to suicide. Rudycats also knows that a breeder they were very close to in the early days of their breeding programme lost a child to suicide.

Did this knowledge make Rudycats think twice about relentlessly and inaccurately bad mouthing this breeder since they ended their friendship, the way Rudycats now request the truth about their practices be halted? It did not.

Rudycats claims that other breeders have more skeletons hanging in their closest. That is not the point of this site. The point of this site is to critically examine the behaviours of the Rudycats machine. In my experience in the Maine Coon world, and indeed the pedigree breeder world, this author has never come across a breeder who smothers kittens to death.

Once more Rudycats refuses to share evidence of this. Why? Surely if the claims on this site are so utterly fake and inaccurate, the “victim” would share their own evidence demonstrating each falsehood.

I have invited Rudycats to share their evidence on more than one occasion, so far this author has received no correspondence.

Rudycats goes on to claim transparency once more. As already discussed at length on this site, Rudycats stopped sharing litters on their page and rarely shared matings when this site first went live. Indeed most updates of pregnancies were unclear, blurred pictures of pregnant bellies or pregnancy scans.

Rudycats also encouraged others to stop sharing litters too.

Finally, Rudycats claims that the evidence is faked and the breeders behind this site are particularly good at Photoshop. The fact that this author refuses to pay the extortionate price of Photoshop notwithstanding, there is yet more evidence to prove this claim false.

Let’s remind ourselves what Rudycats said to the group admin.

Rudycats admits here that the evidence on the site is from private conversations. But if those private conversations were faked, how would Rudycats claim to know who was behind the site?

Rudycats has made wild allegations that the whole of the Maine Coon breeding community is against her. It logically follows, therefore, that this “faked evidence” could have been made by any one in that community. Surely, given that other breeders have been regularly targeted by Rudycats as the purported author of this site, Rudycats should naturally assume it was someone else faking evidence.

Yet Rudycats claims that their friends faked messages through Photoshop. How strange this is, surely this is not a normal friendship then. This author cannot imagine routinely suspecting one’s friends of foul play.

Rudycats claims that their friends, the same friends allegedly running this site, have created these conversations through the use of a fake profile in order to develop a false narrative between themselves using Rudycats’ name.

If that were so then surely it would be written as far worse than it already is. When faking evidence, one could easily write anything as Rudycats. Furthermore, and I’m sure you’ll agree dear reader, it is surely a waste of time to create these fake profiles and have these fake conversations if they are as savvy with Photoshop as Rudycats claims. Why waste the time having fake conversations back and forth when they can be quickly Photoshopped?

So which is it? Are the messages faked and photoshopped, and as such could have been done by one of the many enemies Rudycats has chosen to make in their time? Are they screenshots of fake profiles made in Rudycats’ name to set them up and make them look guilty? Or are the messages from conversations with Rudycats’ friends, to the point where Rudycats is able to identify those friends and accuse them of writing this site, therefore the conversations are real and not faked.

Rudycats, in their desperation to clear their name, have taken themselves out of the frying pan straight into the fryer.