Rudy Statement Part 9

Dated: 05.11.22

Rudycats continues.

Out of 8 screenshots thus far, Rudycats finally addresses the website and bizarrely, of the myriad of things to land on, they land on the holidays.

The point of the holiday post seems to have sailed over Rudycats’ head. This author does not begrudge anyone their holidays, as stated previously.

But to claim that breeders do not make money when charging a minimum of £1795 and up to £2,395 for a pet kitten, and £3,000 for a breeding kitten is disingenuous.

That is further compounded by searches for luxury holidays and this point is completely missed by Rudycats.

Rudycats has, however, admitted that “some of it is accurate enough”. This is the best admission of truth this author will ever glean from Rudycats.

Rudycats claims that other breeders have “managed” to stay under the radar, implying that Rudycats was thrown into the limelight without their full consent.

In reality, Rudycats threw themselves into the limelight and aimed to be the biggest breeder in the Maine Coon world.

Rudycats then claims that they were “open and trusting”. This is already proven to be false, with lies about retired cats like Evie, Bob, Dotty, Penny, and why they were retired. With lies about kittens like Pebbles (twice) and Matilda, why they were ill and keeping Matilda’s death quiet. Lies piled on top of more lies.

Rudycats goes on to state that their page had been built up for “many years”.

Rudycats did not exist before 7th May 2019. From that point to today’s date is a period of 3 years and 5 months.

Whilst this is certainly a reasonable chunk of time, this author questions Rudycats’ definition of “many years”. When someone states “I have many apples in my bucket”, one does not expect to find 3, or even 3.5.

An interesting segue here is how accurate is this claim of “building up” a page and following.

In the early days, Rudycats regularly ran competitions for cat trees on their page.

One can see the entry requirements would easily have forced a spike in page likes and follows, as it was a requirement of the competition. Rudycats actively encourages entrants to like the page and tag friends, as a method of increasing the range and therefore likes and/or follows of the page.

Whilst this method may be used in big business, to use it in cat breeding where there are living animals involved seems particularly cold and opportunistic. This is in total contrast to Rudycats’ portrayal of themselves as a “good” breeder and once more puts them in the limelight that they claim others “managed” to avoid.

Moving on, Rudycats once more suggests that they tried to make positive changes in the breeding world. We saw in Part 7 how Rudycats did this, with unkind comments in private about other breeders. Did Rudycats not consider Caroline Flack in those moments as she suggested in Part 8?

This author agrees with Rudycats that Facebook is a toxic place. Rudycats neglects to mention their own toxicity, however.

Once more Rudycats makes wild claims about another breeder suggesting that they know some “seriously horrible things” about them as a breeder with no evidence (there is certainly a recurring theme), that half of this breeder’s posts are about Rudycats, and that this breeder has written this very website.

You will note that the breeder’s status is set to friends only, whereas Rudycats is set to public.

This author does not wish to paint the other breeder as an innocent party, but rather I seek to highlight the hypocrisy of Rudycats in claiming that Facebook is toxic when they themselves engage in toxicity.

Rudycats has also been scathing of hobby breeders and show breeders, implying that the former are trying to dodge the tax man and the latter are breeding with cats that look pretty but have health problems. These bold claims are entirely false and offensive to both the hobby breeding community and the show community.

Regarding Rudycats closing down their page and closing down their breeding programme, this author would urge caution. Regardless of whether Rudycats closes, Wildblue will continue. The cats under both of these breeders still reside at the Shavington address. There is nothing stopping Rudycats breeding under the Wildblue prefix, as they have already demonstrated how happy they are to falsify matings, litter births, and registrations.

As such, the Maine Coon community must not engage in the false sense of security Rudycats is trying to engineer. Anything under WildBlue is just as risky as anything under Rudycats.