Rudy Statement Part 5

Dated: 02.11.22

Rudycats continues.

Once more Rudycats claims that “the breeders behind this website” but we have established that Rudycats has no idea who is behind this website as a number of unrelated breeders have been accused.

As such, any references to how many kittens they’ve lost therefore cannot be considered as this author does not know who “they” are.

Furthermore, no breeder of any sort of calibre would claim to never have lost kittens. Certainly this site has never claimed such a thing.

What this site has considered, however, is the sheer number of kittens that have died with Rudycats. Evidence of this will, as always, be shared in due course. Indeed it would have been shared this week but instead this author is having to evidence Rudycats’ statement first.

Rudycats claims to only have positive reviews from families, would that be the same families that Rudycats encouraged to post reviews following earlier updates on this site? The same families that Rudycats has systematically lied to?

Rudycats claims in her kitten literature that Maine Coons are prone to gingivitis and sniffles and sneezes are normal.

Rudycats blames allergies and air conditioning for the state of Pebbles.

And how does Rudycats explain these kittens?