The Truth About Rudycats and Wildblue

Dated: 06.11.22

Those among you may recall the 4 litters of roughly 26 kittens, all born in July 2021.

The Maine Coon community balked at this image, to have 26 kittens housed together with 4 mothers was a rapid viral spread situation in the making. Rudycats quickly took this picture down following heavy criticism.

Some weeks following these images, a post when up on Instagram and the now deleted Facebook page which showed those same kittens, now older.

Concern was raised as to where the majority of the kittens had disappeared to, as this was clearly not circa 26 kittens.

I have been provided with the evidence of where these kittens have gone, and when I tell you dear reader that I felt physically sick upon seeing this evidence, I am not exaggerating.

The following images and videos from this point onwards are highly distressing.

Two days following the above Instagram posts, Rudycats was in discussion with friends on the group chat we have seen so much evidence from.

There are a large number of screenshots that get progressively worse, and there is very little this author can say beyond presenting them. Until stated otherwise, most of these screenshotted conversations all happened on the same day.

Rudycats seems to move with ease from innocuous conversation about expected litters to hair dye to diets, and moves rapidly, almost stumblingly into a kitten very clearly dying.

The conversation moves on.

Rudycats admits to not having fed the kittens that morning, and suggests that this is the reason the kittens are dying.

They then, with what can only be described as manhandling, display a dying kitten for the video.

The conversation continues.

The individual in the red square is Rudycats.

These kittens are clearly extremely unwell.

It is hard to watch any animal be in this much pain and yet be so weak that they cannot express it.

I confess that here I had to walk away to take a breather.

The conversation continues.

Rudycats then shares a video of their attempts to feed the other dying kitten.

In the video, we see clearly Rudycats’ face. I wonder if Rudycats still wants to deny the validity of this site now their face is on it not once but twice, alongside dying kittens. Note that Rudycats seems rather calm and collected.

Whilst their kittens are dying, Rudycats completely changes the subject almost as though that topic was boring them and they wanted to move onto something else. Once more Rudycats deflects when they feel their behaviour may be called into question.

Note: The above conversation occurred all on the same day. Simultaneously Rudycats was in contact with the tortie’s proposed owner, who incidently was also Matilda’s owner. This occurred prior to Matilda’s story.

Note: All of the above screenshots occured on the same date: 5th August 2021. Whilst Rudycats was ‘crying’ over the loss of the tortie, at the same time they were complaining about a potential kitten owner not making a payment.

This is the true nature of Rudycats, more interested in money than welfare.

The following day, Rudycats confirms the loss of the above silver kitten.

Rudycats subtly brings in that these two kittens are not the only kittens lost from these 4 litters. One of Honey’s kittens had previously died rapidly.

Rudycats initially cites hypoglycaemia from a lack of food.

And then we see the true nature of Rudycats and Wildblue.

A kitten who died at 12 hours, a fourth kitten, “doesn’t count” according to Rudycats and WildBlue.

They are “just cats” and they are “one of many”, they’re not “worth us feeling like topping ourselves or damaging our mental health”, and that kittens dying in this way is “just life”.

Are these not the same breeders who claim their cats are their “babies” and that they love them? Where is the love for these poor kittens?

Three days after the first conversation, Rudycats finally takes a 5th dying kitten to the vets and whilst they’re there they’re racist towards the presiding vet. Another shining example of the ‘positivity and kindness’ that they bring to the world?

Rudycats backtracks on their foul insult and then claims that any murmurs in Edna’s previous offspring would have been heard by then and had not been. They then suggest, almost nonchalant, that Noël should be checked for a murmur.

As we know from Noël’s page, she had a grade 3 heart murmur. This would not have been missed by a vet so the only conclusions to make are either Rudycats knew about the murmur from their vets and lied about it, or Noël had never seen a vet and thus rendering her vaccinations questionable.

This post moved this author from utter sadness to apoplectic anger.

Rudycats claims the evidence on this is faked. We have evidence which shows their face with a dying kitten. This site has never been faked. This is has always told the truth, about the greeder, about the kitten mill, about the heartless kitten killer.

Rudycats does not deserve these beautiful animals, and anyone defending this person should be thoroughly and utterly ashamed.