WildBlue: two’s company

Dated: 28.10.22

It has long been suspected that WildBlue Maine Coons has an arrangement with Rudycats. Rumours abounded that all of WildBlue’s cats are in fact raised by Rudycats.

This author can now confirm the truth of this.

In conversation with a friend, Rudycats shares that she obtained a new boy and hadn’t yet told Wildblue.

One would question why would Wildblue need to know what stud boys Rudycats has purchased.

It gets stranger. In a group conversation it is suggested that Rudycats go for a nap if Wildblue is “there” – presumably in the house the Wildblue owns.

Note the name Joyce, who is in fact Wildblue’s breeding queen.

Rudycats then discloses that they have turned rooms within the house into smaller rooms.

Even more oddly, a Langford testing document is registered in Rudycats’ name when the cat belongs to WildBlue.

Let’s remind ourselves who owns the house in Shavington.

And stranger still, there are three businesses registered at the Shavington address.

Link to proof

Rudycats and WildBlue seem to have no issues with working together whilst lying to their kitten owners and social media following that they are separate catteries.

Worse still, they find nothing wrong with joking between them over the most sickening subjects.