Missing cats (updated 04.01.23)

Dated: 28.10.22
Updated: 04.01.23

This detective has been made aware that the majority of Rudycats adults have been rehomed.

Some of these girls were, up until recently, pregnant. It is vital that their wellbeing is clarified, there is huge concerns for these poor cats.

Of the numerous cats Rudycats has had since May 2019, there are 16 still missing; that is we do not know who owns them. It has caused significant concern amongst the Maine Coon community, and as such this author is asking their owners to come forward and confirm with evidence that they own these cats and they are safe.

Confirmations will not go on the website, all confirmations will remain anonymous.

The missing cats are:

  1. Otis (Otis Fluffycoons*PL) – black smoke
  2. Frank (Heart Stealer Que Mi Amor) – blue tabby (blue eyes)
  3. Ida (WildBlue Ms Pac Man) – black silver tabby
  4. Rita (Veyron Q’Raire) – blue tortie tabby
  5. Rocky (Rocfor of Silverplace) – black silver tabby
  6. Penny (Darkstarcat’s Penny) – black smoke polydactyl (suspected still with Rudycats)
  7. Flump (Justcoons Cohiba) – black silver tabby (believed to be somewhere in Kent)
  8. Bea (Eurocoon Kisbee) – black tortie shaded
  9. Dennis (Wildblue Ruby’s girl) – blue tabby (suspected still with Rudycats)
  10. Vera (Vanilla Sky Gonsior Line) – black silver ticked tabby
  11. Walter (Laguna Leo Oswald) – black smoke
  12. Hector (AlinKiss N’Hector) – blue smoke
  13. Nina (PlanetOfTheCoons Nina) – blue tortie
  14. Opal (Magnificats Sasha) – blue smoke
  15. Winnie (no known prefix)