How much does Rudycats earn?

My Dearest Reader,

You will no doubt have seen Rudycats claims that they don’t make any money at all out of breeding. Indeed you can see such claims for yourself:

Except Rudycats is, in fact, making quite a bit of money. Whilst the rest of the UK is struggling to make ends meet, Rudycats is looking at going on holiday.

Not a basic holiday in a caravan, or a pre-booked package deal for Rudycats, oh no. Luxury holidays in Barbados, trips to Gran Canaria and Croatia for them, all whilst claiming that they do not make “loads of money”.

Certainly one can argue that these holidays will not be occurring, and that may indeed be the case. I, however, find it abhorrent that Rudycats can claim that they do not make “loads of money”, particularly in a time of national financial crisis, and yet they are looking for luxury holidays in areas known for expensive holidays. This Detective finds it disingenuous and not in keeping with Rudycats’ claims of ‘transparency’.

I leave you to make your own conclusions, Dear Reader.

Yours always,
Detective Mouse